PP3 Private Album

PP3 Private Album 1.0

Allows you to create,manage and view protected or unprotected pictures instantly (See all)

The program is a special purpose Image viewer which allows you to create, manage and view protected or unprotected pictures instantly without any need to run any external viewer. You can also convert protected files from/to any supported graphic format.
In the image on the right I used a picture of a potato - simply because I have no other pictures to hide (Yeah, right!). But of course you can protect any images you like (carrot anyone?)
It is in fact very simple. Imagine a quick and simple to use image viewer with build-in encryption capabilities. You can simply turn any file or a whole directory of images into a password encrypted PPC file(s). To view the image back in the PP3 viewer you need to use the password. Of course you can unprotect the file back to its original format or export it to any other supported format.

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